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WooCommerce Plugins Tutorial
#1 Plugin To Customize WooCommerce Related Products

WooCommerce related products, in case you are not aware are the products that displayed at the end of any single product page. By default, WooCommerce get related products for any product by looking for products in the current product’s categories. In addition, products that share the same tag(s) are considered related. Let’s take a look […]

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WooCommerce Tutorials
How To Randomize Products On Category & Shop Page In 5 Minutes

I recent got a request from a friend of my to randomize the products display on his store’s categories. The reason is his site has so many categories and many of them have parent-child relationship. As a result, the display of many categories are identical. Let me give you one example. My friend sells furniture. […]

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How To Exclude Tags, Categories From Google Index

One of the most serious SEO problem is duplicate content. That is having the same content on different URLs. Google doesn’t like this for one obvious reason: no one like reading the same content over and over again. What is a tag/category page? In case you don’t know tag and category pages are, they are […]

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