Must Have Plugins For WooCommerce & WordPress

Here are the list of plugins that I want to recommend to you as WooCommerce and WordPress users. Some I developed, some from other developers. These are the plugins that I’ve personally used and they’ve been very helpful to me an my business. That’s why I would recommend them to you.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’d be happy to help.

Ultimate Add To Cart Button

Default add to cart buttons on WordPress themes may not be what you want. What if you want to add background color, change the cart icon, use advanced CSS styles on the button to match your theme? No worries, this is the plugin you need.

BC Menu Bar Cart Icon

Premium themes usually have the shopping cart icon on the navigation bar (menu) to help customers quickly view the items in cart and cart total. However, not many themes out there support this feature. Do you need to change your theme? The answer is no, you can add professionally designed icon anywhere on your site to help customers view the cart details.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing

This is a legendary plugin that have earned so much respect from WooCommerce users over the years. What it does is to help you create flexible pricing plan for your product. You can offer buy one get one (or buy x get y), buy a certain amount and get a product for free (or a specific discount). Your customers will love your store because this is the best plugin to reward their spending on your store.

WooCommerce Smart Coupon

WooCommerce default coupons system is OK, not great. This plugin adds what’s missing. You can create coupons, set expiry date, send mass coupons to customers, limit coupon usage (how many time that a coupon can be used), set a minimum spending to activate the coupon… If you offer coupon on your site, this plugin is a must.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

Shipping is a complex matter and WooCommerce table rate shipping simplifies shipping fee beautifully. With WooCommerce table rate shipping, you can set shipping rate based on cart total, line total, number of items in cart. You can also combine the rules with shipping class to create the most sophisticated shipping fee structure in the world. This is the only plugin you need to handle all shipping calculation.

Woo Table Pro - Product Table For WooCommerce

At times you want to display the list of your products in a table so your customer can easily select the items that they want. In fact, stores implemented this have got great increase in sales. Why don’t you create a table for your store, for free.