How To Set Up Free Shipping Coupon In WooCommerce

Coupon is a great way to reward your customers. In WooCommerce, you can create coupons for almost anything. You can create a coupon that offers a 10% discount or a fix amount discount. However, little people know that you can create a free shipping discount. You can even set a minimum order for that coupon to be effective. Sounds good? Let’s find out how to set up free shipping coupon in WooCommerce.

Here are what we are going to do to setup free shipping coupon:

  1. Make sure your store has coupon enabled
  2. Create the coupon that enables free shipping
  3. Add free shipping to your shipping zone
  4. Apply the coupon on a test order

Make sure your store has coupon enabled

The very first step is to make sure you have the use coupon option checked. Let’s go to WooCommerce->Settings->General and scroll down to the Enable coupons section:

enable the coupon codes usages in WooCommerce

Make sure you have the checkbox “Enable the use of coupon codes” checked. We are ready for the next step.

Create the coupon that enables free shipping

Let’s go to WooCommerce->Coupons and click on Add coupon:

go to woocommerce coupon

Now, enter the details for your coupon:

create the coupon that enables free shipping

There are three fields you need to pay attention to, other fields are not important in enabling free shipping for the coupon.

  1. You need to give the coupon a name. In the example above, my coupon’s name is SHIPZERO
  2. You may or may not give the coupon a description. However, it’s extremely helpful when you come back and visit your coupons later, you will know exactly what they do.
  3. There is a small check box says “Allow free shipping” and you need to check it.

That’s all we need to do with the coupon. Now, click on submit and move on to the next step.

Create free shipping method for your shipping zone

Our next step is to create a free shipping method in your shipping zones. If you have multiple shipping zones, you may need to create one free shipping method for each zone.

Let’s head to WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping->Shipping zone:

all shipping zones in woocommerce

As you can see, I have four zones here. I’m going to enable free shipping for Australia. As mentioned before, if you need to enable the use of the free shipping coupon we have just created, you may need to repeat the following steps for all zones.

Let’s click on the Edit link under Australia:

all shipping methods in Australia

Let’s click on Add shipping method:

add free shipping method for zone

Select free shipping in the drop down box and click on Add shipping method.

Then, you will see a new shipping method added in our list:

free shipping method is now under Australia

Let’s click on the Edit link under free shipping. We are going to configure the condition for the free shipping option to be effective.

configure free shipping option

Here, you can edit the title. I’ll leave the default title as Free shipping. The most important field is the select box: Free shipping requires…

There are a few options you can select from. You can require that the order must have a minimum amount so the coupon can be active. However, I’m going with the first option here, which requires only a valid shipping coupon.

After that, click on Save changes and we are done.

Apply the coupon on a test order

We are going to make a test order on my store. Let’s add some items and go to cart and click on Proceed to check out.

change country

The total before coupon is applied:

total before coupon applied


You can see the notice says: “have a coupon?…” If you are going to apply the coupon now, the coupon will not have any effect. Why? As you may remember, we only enabled free shipping for Australia. However, the country in the Country field is Vietnam. Let’s add our address to Australia and try to apply the coupon:

apply the coupon code

code apply successfully

Now, if we check the cart total, the free shipping fee is $0:

free shipping applied


As you can see, setting up free shipping coupon in WooCommerce is quite easy. However, if you have multiple zones, you may need to do some repetitive work. There is a workaround though. That is to create a shipping zone that cover all shipping zones then create a free shipping method for that zone.


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How To Setup Buy 3 Get 1 Free In WooCommerce

You are a store owner and you want to run a promotional campaign that gives your customer one product for free for every 3 (or any other number) items they buy in a single order. Obviously, WooCommerce doesn’t support this kind of setup by default. Luckily for us, there is a plugin that does this job really well. That’s a plugin called Woo Discount Rules Pro.

Obviously, there are more discount rules you can setup using this plugin but we only focus on the buy x get y items for free in this post.

How to setup buy 3 get 1 for free using Woo Discount Rules Pro

Now, I suppose that you have the plugin installed and activated. Let’s go to WooCommerce->Woo Discount Rules:

accessing woo discount rules

You will see an interface like this:

woo discount rules pro interface

Our next step is to create a rule since we don’t have any rule here.

Let’s enter the details as above. Since we don’t have any rules yet, the priority box can be set to any valid number (positive). The validity field is where you can set at which period that this rule is effective. It’s all up to you to set this period. Now, let’s click next to the next screen.

create rules second screen

All fields in this screen are quite explanatory. It allows you to further customize the rule. For example, you can set this rule to be applied to customers who previously purchased from you (subtotal or number of items). You can also set the minimal subtotal of the current order to active the rule…

For now, we are going to apply the rule to all products (though you can add some products to the exception list if you want to).

Let’s click next to get to the last screen:

add the discount range

Let’s click on Add new range:

setup buy 3 get 1 free rule

Now, you can see that I’ve setup the rule to buy 3 (min quantity) so the customer can get one item of the same product for free. You are not limit to the item of the same product, in fact, you can have a bunch of options as demonstrated below:

You can see that, there are many options that you can customize to match your exact needs.

Now, I click on Save rule (located at the top).

See the buy 3 get 1 for free rule in action

Now, I’m going to buy 3 item of a single product. Let’s see the rule in action:

buy 3 get 1 free coupon woocommerce

As you can see, the rule displayed on the product page and when you view the cart, the subtotal is counted for only two products.


Woo Discount Rules Pro is not a free plugin but it add much more flexibility to your shop. It can also help you create loyal customer program (that rewards customers who previously bought products on the shop). If you are running a store, this is one discount rule plugin that you should have.

Thanks for reading the post. Make sure you check other WooCommerce Tips to help you build better eCommerce sites.

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