Simple Members – WordPress Member Plugin For Selling Premium Content With Access Code / License Key

There are a lot of WordPress Member Plugin available. Some of them are good, some of them need improvements. I was searching for a solution for me to sell my English courses. My flow is very simple.

  1. I create the premium content
  2. I generate access code /license key for that content
  3. Users with access code can use it to get access to the content
  4. There is no limit on the number of premium content I can create and one access code can be used to activate one content only.

I tried a few plugins and while they serve the general cases of a membership site well, they are quite complicated for my specific use case.

So, I decided to create a plugin to do just what I need.

What is Simple Member

In short, the plugin does the following:

  1. It lets you create the premium content (It’s a custom post type you can place anything in it, you can even use a page builder with it to make the content more appealing to your users)
  2. It guard the content so only users with the access code can access the premium content
  3. Premium content is not visible to unregistered users or users who haven’t redeemed their codes

Here is how Simple Member works:

As you can see, this WordPress member plugin is useful for cases when you have items to sell on-off. That means there is no recurring free for your users. This is ideal for people who sell pack of content such as articles, guide, tests. As I mentioned, I need a tool to sell English learning content, this matches my need perfectly.

If you have any question regarding Simple Members, please let me know. You can get access instantly to the plugin by making the purchase below:

Click here to get access to the Simple Member Plugin