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When I first heard about WooCommerce force sell, I wonder why a store would do something like that? In the end, the customers are the ones who decide what to buy. Why do vendors force them to buy something.

Then I quick realize, many stores sell products together. For example, when you buy a car, buying an insurance policy for that car is a must.

There are still many examples in real life that make you, as store owner, to bundle products to sell together. If you find yourself in such situations, force sell is a good solution.

How To Implement WooCommerce Force Sells

Implementing force sell is quite simple with my new plugin. I call it BC Plus One. I don’t really like the name force sell so I want to name it something more natural. Furthermore, the name makes sense since these WooCommerce force sells products are similar to plus ones of the main product 🙂

Let me show you how it work first then you can see if it’s a good fit for you.

The scenario

Let’s imagine the following scenario. It’s almost winter now (November) but people still want to go to the beach. Thus, they are going to buying something like this:

woocommerce force sell main product

However, if they only buy this, there is a good chance that they will catch a cold after having a good time swimming and playing. So, it is a good idea to gently remind them that a scarf is a must, to protect them from catching a cold.

additional force sell product

It makes so much sense right? Our customers will be touched because we care so much about them.

So, the idea is, when the customers buy the swimwear, the scarf will be added to cart automatically.

How to Setup Plus One Product (WooCommerce Force Sells)

It is super easy to setup a plus one product.

Let’s edit the swimwear, go to linked products:

woocommerce force sell configurations

As you can see, along with upsells and crosssells, you have two new boxes to enter products:

  1. Non sticky plus one
  2. Sticky plus one

What are the similarities and differences between them?

The only similarity between sticky and non sticky plus one is when you add the main product (swimwear) to cart, both sticky and non sticky get added too.

Now let’s talk about the difference between them. Sticky plus one’s quantity is in sync with the main product. That means when you change the main product’s quantity in cart, sticky’s quantity changes accordingly while non-sticky’s stays unchanged.

Sticky products, when added along with the main product, cannot be removed individually. Meanwhile, you can do that with non-sticky plus one without problems.

The final difference is, when the main product is removed from cart, only sticky plus ones are removed.

Sounds confusing? No worries, I’ll walk you through some examples.

We are going to add a non sticky plus one first. Let’s click on the input box at the right of “Non sticky plus one” and start typing the name of the product we want to add (If you select a variable product as plus one, make sure you pick the right variation).

As we need to add the scarf, I’ll start typing scarf into the input box:

force sell product suggestions

Sure enough, you can see the product appears right below. Let’s click on the product to select it and update the main product.

Now, let’s add a main product to cart (the swimwear) and sure enough, the scarf is in the cart too:

Get WooCommerce Force Sells In 5 Minutes 1

Now, if I remove the main product, the plus one product stays in cart since it’s not sticky.

As I mentioned above, if you want the to remove the plus one product along with the main product, add it in the sticky box.

Customize the look of the plus ones products in main product’s listing

Now, let me add another plus one product to the main product. This time, I’m going to make it sticky.

Let’s say after selling the duo a while, some of our customers still catch a cold. Obviously, a scarf is not enough. As a result, I need to add something stronger, a jacket maybe.

add another force sell product

Now, if I view the swimwear, I can see there are two products below:

Get WooCommerce Force Sells In 5 Minutes 2

Well, the two products are there but they don’t look very significant. As a result, our customers may miss that part and think we don’t care about their health enough.

How about adding the products’ images, prices and make the products’ title clickable?

All is possible if you go to Binary Carpenter->Plus One:

Get WooCommerce Force Sells In 5 Minutes 3

You’ll find all the nice settings here:

woocommerce force sells settings

Let’s check all the checkboxes, then click on save settings and go to take a look at our product page again:

Get WooCommerce Force Sells In 5 Minutes 4

Do you think the new listing looks much better? I’m sure you do.

Where to get the plugin?

Get single site license

Get 5 sites license


There you go. Does the plugin do what you need? If so, awesome! You can download it here with a small fee. Please remember that your purchase comes with lifetime update and support from me.

If you think the product still needs some improvements, I would love to hear your opinion.

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