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PayPal is one of the most popular method that vendors use to accept payments and link PayPal to WooCommerce is simple. In this post, I’ll show you exactly how to do that in just a few minutes.

Install WooCommerce PayPal checkout gateway

The first step is to install PayPal checkout gateway plugin from WooCommerce. You can see it right away by searching for “WooCommerce Paypal checkout gateway” in plugin search:

install woocommerce paypal checkout gateway plugin

It has quite low rating. However, it will serve our purposes well so let’s go ahead and install it. As you can see in the screenshot, I have that plugin installed and activated.

Setup configurations to link PayPal to WooCommerce

Now you have that plugin installed. Let’s go to WooCommerce->Settings->Payments. You’ll see a list of payments method available on your store here:

list of payment methods in WooCommerce

There is a method called PayPal Checkout. That’s the one get added to the list thanks to the plugin we have just installed. Click on Manage to start configure PayPal Checkout payment gateway.

In the next screen, you’ll see this:

configure woocommerce paypal checkout dashboard

Make sure you set the “Environment” option to Live instead of Sandbox. If you select sandbox, you will get no money into your account when someone buy your products.

Then, click on “Click here to toggle manual API credential input”. You’ll see three new input boxes appear.

show inputs to enter paypal credentials

Where do you get the details to enter to those inputs? That’s what we’ll do in the next step.

Get Credentials From PayPal

Now, you need to login to your PayPal account to get the credentials.

In PayPal dashboard, click on Tools->all tools:

Fastest Way To Link PayPal To WooCommerce 1

On the next screen, pay attention to the menu on the left and click on Integrate PayPal:

Fastest Way To Link PayPal To WooCommerce 2

Then, select click Open button in API Credentials box:

select API credentials

On the next screen, you’ll get three options. Click “Manage API Credentials” in “NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic)”

Fastest Way To Link PayPal To WooCommerce 3

Then, you’ll see the place where you can get PayPal credentials that you can use to link with WooCommerce.

get paypal api credentials

You need to click on the Show link at the right of each field to get the hidden data.

Link PayPal to WooCommerce With the details you get from PayPal

Now, we can finalize our effort to link PayPal to WooCommerce. Head back to your site and put the details from the inputs:

entering paypal details in WooCommerce

Now, save the settings and your store is ready to accept payments from PayPal checkout.

Integrate PayPal To WooCommerce: Video tutorial

If you prefer watching video, I’ve made one here with step by step tutorial. Please check it out:


As you can see, link PayPal to WooCommerce is quite simple. You may ask that what don’t we use the default PayPal payment comes with WooCommerce (the plugin). The reason is that option is not stable. As I tested a few cases, it failed to accept payments. So, it is best to install WooCommerce PayPal checkout gateway plugin to configure PayPal checkokut.

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