How To Setup Different WooCommerce Shipping Rates By Country

It is not uncommon to sell internationally. The problem arises when you need to handle shipping to different countries. For example, your store is located in the US. Your customers are in the US, the UK, Australia and Vietnam. You want to setup the shipping fee as following:

  1. For customers in the US, the shipping cost would be flat $5
  2. For customers in the UK, the shipping cost would be flat $15
  3. For customers in Australia, the shipping cost would be flat $10
  4. For customers in Vietnam, the shipping cost would be flat $8

Let’s learn how to setup your shipping method to achieve the structure above.

How To Setup Different WooCommerce Shipping Rates By Country

Here are the steps we are going to do:

  1. Add different shipping zones for each country
  2. Add flat rate shipping for each shipping zone

There are only two steps. It’s just simple like that.

Add different shipping zone for each country

Based on the shipping structure mentioned at the beginning of the post, we are going to need 4 shipping zones for each zone, we need a flat rate shipping fee. Let’s learn how to setup one shipping zone and fee. You can do exactly the same for other zones.

First, go to WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping and click on Add shipping zone:


Add flat rate shipping for each shipping zone

Next, click on Add shipping method:

add flat rate shipping method

select Flat rate and then click on Add shipping method.

Then we have something like this:

woocommerce shipping zone flat rate

Next, we are going to setup flat rate fee for the zone. Let’s click on the Edit link below the Flat rate title:

setup flat rate shipping fee for zone

As discussed above, the shipping rate for Australia is $10. You can set the method title to anything you like. Click on Save changes:

As you can see, the Save changes button is inactive. That means WooCommerce has saved the settings for us. If you see the button is active (text color is white), just click on it to save the settings.

Now, if you go to WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping, you’ll see the shipping zones you created:

all shipping zones in woocommerce

Test the shipping cost for different countries

Now, let’s make a test purchase. I’m going to order some pairs of shoes on the store.

adding item to cart

In this example, I ordered 10 pairs. Let’s go to cart:

You can see that the shipping rate is $8 and it’s the flat rate shipping for Vietnam. As I’m not logged in, WooCommerce determined the shipping method by my IP address (I’m living in Vietnam right now). You can also notice that WooCommerce told us that the cost is only an estimate. To know the exact shipping cost, let’s click on Calculate shipping and change my address to Australia:

change address to australia

After clicking on Update, you can see that the shipping fee is now $10, instead of $8. You can go ahead and change the address to an US or UK address, the shipping cost will update accordingly.


As you can see, WooCommerce provides us some flexibility when setting flat rate shipping for different countries. Using WooCommerce default settings, you can also set shipping fee per product if you like. If you need more advanced shipping fee structure, you may need to use a plugin to achieve that.


How To Set Woocommerce Shipping Rates By Country

The goal

With the introduction of shipping zones, creating shipping rates by country is super easy. We are going to learn how to create flat rates shipping for two different countries in this post.

The setup

For this example, we are going to create flat shipping rate for Vietnam and Germany. The store is located in Vietnam so the flat rate for this country is $5. Shipping to Germany will be higher, $15 in our case.

The implementation

Let’s go to WooCommerce->Settings->Shipping and click on Add shipping zone.

Add a shipping zone for a country

Let’s go ahead and enter zone name and zone regions. In the image above, we created a shipping zone for Germany. Now, let’s go ahead and click on Add shipping method for this zone. We are going to create one flat rate shipping method for each zone.

Click on add shipping method, you will get a shipping method like below. Click on the edit button to enter its details:

flat rate shipping for country

Click on Save changes and you are done for Germany. Let’s do the same for Vietnam. You’ll get something like this after creating flat shipping for these two countries.

flat rate shipping for two countries Vietnam and Germany

Now you are done. Let’s place test order and see how the shipping based on country works.

Place a test order

Now we have a test order. Let’s go to the cart page, you will see the appropriate shipping rate applied:

shipping rate by country applied

As you can see, the shipping fee is $5, which is exactly what we set when we created the shipping method for Vietnam.

Wait! It doesn’t work for me

If you find the method above doesn’t work for your store, chances are some other plugins or custom code has modified one of the shipping hooks. (`woocommerce_package_rates` for example). In such case, you may need to find the plugin that does that and deactivate it for this method to work.


As you can see, you can easily set flat shipping for each country. You are not limited to shipping based on countries though. If you want a simpler shipping structure, you can set a flat rate for regions like Asia/Africa… However, doing so reduce the level of control over your shipping rates. The choice is yours.