[FREE] How To Print WooCommerce Shop, Category Page To PDF


If you are looking for a way to print your shop page, category page (archive pages) or product page, you came to the right place. Recently, a client asked me just that.

So I searched for a plugin since people say, when you need a function in WordPress, there is a plugin for that. And yes, in this case, there are two plugins: one paid and one free.

There is one from WooCommerce.com that does the job. This is what it does:

While the plugin does it job, I felt that the functionalities doesn’t justify the price tag $49. So, I tried to search for any free alternative available. Yes, there is one available for free here.

However, don’t install that plugin yet. It broke my site. It seems the author was in a hurry and he missed some important library.

So I decided to put some time to fix that plugin and here is what I got:

It looks pretty good right? I think it’s better than the $49 from WooCommerce.

So, if you want, you can download the plugin below to start adding that print to PDF function to your site.

Download print to PDF plugin here

I don’t take the credit of making the plugin. However, since the current version on WordPress.org is not functioning, I had to create the fix and post it here.

Hope you enjoy it.

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