How To Limit Max Order Quantity In WooCommerce

As a shop owner, you may want to sell as many items as possible. However, there are cases you want to limit the number of items a single customer can purchase. The reasons can vary: maybe you have limited stock, maybe you don’t want a single customer stocks many items and reseller it later with much higher price… Whatever the reason, you will feel the need for a function to set the maximum number of item per product that a single customer can purchase. The good news is, there is a solution for that and it’s totally free.

Meet the plugin that enable max quantity of items that a single customer can purchase PER PRODUCT

Remember, the limit is PER PRODUCT (I’m sorry for the uppercase but this is important). For example, you have leather bag and plastic bag. You can set the quantity limit for leather bag is 2 and plastic bag is 3. So, your customer can order up to 5 items total but she cannot buy more than 2 leather bags or 3 plastic bags.

Now, let’s install this plugin called Woocommerce Max Quantity

Installing the plugin is very straightforward. You can search the plugin by entering its name in Plugins->Add new. You may need to scroll down a bit to see the plugin since at the time of this writing, it stays at the bottom of the first page.

After activation, go to the product you want to set the limit. Click on Inventory tab. You will see there is a new box appears to enable the max quantity. In the example below, a single customer can only purchase 4 fake lamborghini cars from my store:

Set max quantity for single customer on a product
Set max quantity for single customer on a product

Now, update the product and let’s go to the product page and try to order more than 4 items:

Max Quantity order per item Woocommerce

As you can see, the store sends a notice to customer when she tried to order more than the limit.


The plugin does a great job setting the limit for the order per single product. If any improvement needed, I think that’s a function to display the limit right below the order button so the customer can see the limit right before she enters the order quantity.

How To Add A Wishlist Button To Your WooCommerce Product With YITH Wishlist Plugin

When shopping online, the wishlist is a important as the cart, maybe more important. The function of the wishlist is to store the items that the customers/visitors want to have but don’t or can’t purchase at the moment. Woocommerce is a great tool to get your online store up and running but it doesn’t come with a wishlist button built-in. Further more, if you want to use the wishlist solution from WooCommerce’s developer, you need to pay for their plugin. Well, if all you need is a tool that:

  1. Allows you to add a Wishlist button to your product page
  2. Displays the wishlist of the shop visitor
  3. Has no limit on how many products your visitors can add to the wishlist

Then a free solution like YITH wishlist plugin is the right choice for you.

How to download  YITH wishlist plugin

The plugin is freely available at here. You can also download it from your admin dashboard.

How to use the YITH wishlist plugin to create your own wishlist

Upon activation, the plugin will create a wishlist button for you. As you can see in the image below, the link called “Add to wishlist” was added to my product page by YITH Wishlist plugin. The link is not fancy but surely it does the job. When you click on that link, that product will be added to the wishlist and there is a link for you to view the current wishlist. Notice that in the free version, there is only one wishlist available. If you want to have multiple wishlists for your visitors, consider upgrading to the pro version.

Now, the plugin is fully functional at this moment. If you are happy with the current result, you can stop here. However, there are some valuable customization you can make the improve the experience much more.

Customizing YITH wishlist plugin

We will start with by how to change your wishlist page. By default, YITH Wishlist Plugin will create a page for you. However, you can create a new page and set it to the wishlist page if you need too. In order to do that, first, create a page with the following content:


As in my case, I created a page (not post) called My Wishlist:

How To Add A Wishlist Button To Your WooCommerce Product With YITH Wishlist Plugin 3

After that, we need to go to YITH plugins->Wishlist (in your dashboard). You will see a section called Wishlist Page. Clicking on the select box to select the page you created with the wishlist shortcode above ([yith_wcwl_wishlist]).

The next time your visitors view their wishlist, they will see that page.

As you can see, creating a wishlist button/page for your Woocommerce store is not hard at all. YITH wishlist plugin offers basic functionalities that fit most of store owner. If you want to improve the wishlist experience further, you may consider getting your hand dirty with CSS/Javascript or hire a developer to customize the look and feel of the button and the wishlist page.