How To Install WordPress Plugins, Themes From URL

Sometimes you need to install plugins, themes. Maybe for yourself, maybe for clients. Many times, you see this error:

The common way to fix this problem is to use FTP upload or access via cPanel. However, many times we don’t have that luxury.

So, this plugin I created based on the the other plugin WP Developer Assistant (An awesome plugin that saved my life countless times but the author haven’t updated for years and it’s not working with php 7). It has one function: allow you to upload files to folders on your servers without touching php.ini, without having access to FTP…

The UI is simple and straightforward. If you don’t know how to use, please let me know.



Making my first WordPress Themes In 1 hour

I’ve been always wanting to make a WordPress theme, partly because I want to sharpen my WordPress development skill, partly because I want to create an unique theme for my own site. It’s been a year since I planned to make that theme and today, it finally come to reality.

The template is nothing special. It is built based on the underscores starter theme, bootstrap and a bit of extra CSS I entered myself. It’s is super lightweight, it only takes the responsive part from bootstrap (you can customize the part of bootstrap you want to use on your site here.

I made this theme under 1 hour. I plan to spend few more hours to customize the header and add some nicer fonts to the theme. The main goal of this theme is to make it lightweight and has a clean look.

I’m not a designer so the best bet is to go out there and look at the clean themes and take all I can to apply to this one.

In case you ask: “what theme you are talking about?” It’s the theme I’m using on this site.

Have a nice weekend!